Pratt & Lambert® Paint

StainShield Solid Color Latex Stain - Pratt & Lambert
StainShield® Solid Color Latex Stain

Pratt & Lambert® StainShield® Solid Color Latex Stain is a 100% acrylic latex formula that beautifies and enhances the natural texture of wood. It produces a lasting, durable finish with excellent color retention. It penetrates the surface of the wood and forms a protective barrier which repels water and guards against damaging UV rays. It is self-priming on new wood and may be applied in temperatures as low as 35°F. Effectively blocks tannin stains and comes with an 8 Year Warranty.

starting at $26.95 per gallon

Pro Hide Gold - Pratt & Lambert
Pro-Hide® Gold

Pratt & Lambert® Pro-Hide® Gold is a premium interior latex paint that goes on with a rich, smooth feel and delivers a uniform finish. Great coverage and excellent hiding mean that in any room, "gold" will look great. Trusted by professionals, it's the ideal choice for new and repaint work on residential and commercial applications.

Available in Interior Only

starting at $18.95 per gallon

Redseal  - Pratt & Lambert

Pratt & Lambert® RedSeal® Interior Self-Priming Waterborne is a premium quality latex wall coating that provides excellent coverage and a smooth finish that's amazingly durable and beautiful. Expect a high quality, washable and scrubbable finish with excellent hiding and easy application.

Available in Interior and Exterior

starting at $28.95 per gallon

Accolade Paint + Primer  - Pratt & Lambert
Accolade® Paint

Looking for a beautiful way to express your personal style? Pratt & Lambert® Accolade® Interior Paint + Primer, our finest interior paint, is formulated to go on smoothly and provide a rich, luxurious coating for a beautiful, stunning finish. The 100% acrylic formula is durable and easy to maintain. Accolade®. Trusted performance, proven results.

Available in Interior and Exterior

starting at $38.95 per gallon