Selecting Fashions

Window treatments, like your floor decor, are where fashion meets function. Floors and windows have jobs to do and they need to look great while doing them.

The right floors and the right window treatments will help make a space feel the way you want it to feel -- warmer, cozier, cooler, more elegant, and casual perhaps, but definitely a personal part of you!

When choosing window treatments, think custom. It’s the best way to achieve your fashion goal as well as your unique needs for comfort, safety and privacy. Don’t forget that depending on your selection, window treatments serve to insulate your home from heat, cold and noise all year.

Window treatments can be horizontal or vertical. They can be pleated or honeycombed (these styles are called cellular). They can be made of a host of materials to match your decor, from fabric to wood to metal to alloys. Don’t forget... shutters are making a comeback.

Our Design Experts can help you coordinate your window fashions with your floors. We can custom-fit your windows, even unusual sizes and shapes like arches and show you how custom window treatments will enhance your sense of interior style.

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